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Building Green - Your Options to Get Started
October 8th, 2009 3:51 PM

Thinking about building a green home?  It's a systematic process, where your choices each step of the way affect the overall effectiveness of the outcome.  It's not just a matter of choosing energy-efficient appliances, although that is a part of the equation. It starts with site selection and ends with owner education.

The NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines identifies 7 guiding principles to be considered:

  • Lot Design, Preparation and Development
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Operation, Maintenance, and Education
  • Global Impact

I'll address each of these in upcoming posts, but the first consideration will be just how "green" you want your home to be.  You can:

  • Add a limited number of "green" features (water conservation, windows, etc.) to your new home
  • Build an EnergyStar-rated home, maximizing energy efficiency
  • Build a Green Built-certified home, integrating all systems in the home
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum

Regardless of your approach, you need to find a builder who is familiar with the various aspects of the Green Home Building Guidelines.  Members of the Green Home Builders of the Triangle are likely to be a good starting point if you are located in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. 

If you are looking for something more than just green features, be aware that there are rating systems involving third-party, independent inspectors who monitor the construction and evaluate the finished product.  These are significant in establishing enhanced value for your home.  Your builder needs to be able satisfy the inspection requirements. 

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