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GREEN Appraisals

Green means GREEN ($$$)!  North Carolina is a leader in green building, meaning it is becoming more likely a green home may be in your future.  It is even more important, then, to be sure that your appraiser understands the inherent value that green brings. 

Is YOUR Appraiser GREEN?

A GREEN appraiser is:


  • High-performance certification programs
    • LEED-H
    • NGBS
  • Energy efficiency ratings
    • HERS


  • Researching certification records
  • Comparing and valuing energy savings
  • Comparing and valuing construction quality
  • Quantifying and documenting high-performance value

Make sure your appraiser is familiar with high-performance home building certification requirements.  Don't hesitate to ask them about their experience with green construction.

Even if you can't select your appraiser, you CAN request that your lender assign someone who has specific competency, with credentials and experience, to undertake the appraisal.  They are responsible for finding an appropriate professional to complete the order. 

At Quick Turn we are knowledgable and current on green practices, including construction, recycling and conservation.  We have taken specialized coursework in this area and are certified as GreenValuation Specialists®, with extensive experience in the Triangle green market.  We are also members of the Triangle Chapter of the US Green Building Council and associate members of the Green Home Builders of the Triangle and a former member of their Green Education Committee.

Rely on Quick Turn to accurately consider all the advantages of green.