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GREEN Benefits

Lower Operating Costs:

Lower utility bills create immediate savings.

Increased Resale Value:

Ten years ago, a home’s market value was shown to increase directly in relation to lower energy costs. In today’s dollars, this amounts to roughly a $35 value increase per dollar of utility cost reduction. A large high performance home could easily realize $200 per month lower energy costs than a similarly constructed conventional home. This yields an annual out of pocket savings of $2400, and a market value more than $80,000 higher.


Certified high performance homes perform better, require less maintenance, are energy efficient, and have superior air quality that greatly increases the health of your family. This is a plus for allergy suffers especially in high plant particulate climates such as North Carolina.

Increased comfort: 

Relatively even temperatures throughout the home 

Fewer drafts

Improved humidity control

Health Benefits:

Fresh air ventilation capable of one complete air exchange every 24 hours

Significant reduction of mold spores

All glues, paint, solvents, stains, caulks, and urethanes are low or no VOC, reducing toxic out-gassing.


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