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We constantly work to maintain our involvement with, and support of, green organizations and to upgrade our professional capabilities, through both training for our staff and outreach to the real estate community.  Some of the key events in which we participated:


  • DECEMBER:  Panelist at NC Green
  • NOVEMBER:  Panelist at National Convention of the National Association of Realtors
  • MAY:  NC Appraisal Board Approved Green Valuation Curriculum


  • NOVEMBER:  Training by PorterWorks Training - GreenValuation Specialist® certification
  • SEPTEMBER:  Presentation to NC Department of Revenue - Tax Assessors
  • JUNE: Presentation for EPA Webinar on Appraising Energy Star Homes
  • MAY:  Presentation to NC Professional Appraisers Coalition on "Valuation of Green Homes"

We would be happy to work with your organization, as well.  Email us to see how we can best support you.